Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Athletics ALUMNI - Athletisme Canada

Hello Athletics Canada Alumni!

I have been asked to help re-connect with our large Athletics Alumni family at the Club, Provincial or National Team level.  
Your past and current involvement is what makes our sport so rich in its history and so fertile in its legacy. We are all members of the same great family in a global sport dating back to the ancient Greek times, with our own national association dating back to the early 1900s.

Whether you reached the pinnacle of the sport as an international medallist, or maintained club roots and are still involved as a masters athlete; whether you coached at an elite level, or worked tirelessly as a volunteer at the grassroots and development levels; whether you gave countless hours as an official or continued in the sport from your youth as a parent, volunteer, club, provincial or national board member we want to hear from you.
Please register as a member of our greater Athletics Canada Alumni at or

*If  you wish to identify over many decades, and as an Athlete, Coach, Official, Club or Branch Board Member etc,  for now please just go in multiple times to register in multi-categories, (each time only takes a minute)  until the site gets further refined. This way we can make sure you are connected  and identified with each group and category.

Have a question? Contact  me at

I trust Athletics still a big part of who you are.  For those active athletes, all the best for great results in the upcoming season and competitions.  

  Please forward this message to your own circles of Athletics Alumni across the country.

Thelma Wright