Friday, September 21, 2012

Volunteers needed for the Cross-country Running Series for Schools

NLAA needs volunteers for the Cross-country Running Series for Schools

The first meet of the 20th Annual Cross-country Running Series for Schools is scheduled for this Saturday, September 22, at the Pippy Park Driving Range on Ridge Road, St. John's.  Meets two and three are to follow on September 29 and October 6. The NLAA organizes the event and is looking for volunteers.

The meets are the largest cross-country running events in the province with over 600 participants. I expect similar participation for this year's meets.  Please visit our web site for information on the Series:

The NLAA needs help to safely organize this wonderful school event. On occasions we have some spectators staying a little longer or come earlier to help, especially with the marshaling duties, however, every year we are struggling to get sufficient number of volunteers.

The positions that we are looking people for are not demanding when the workload is spread among more volunteer. We are looking for volunteers that can help from 8:00 to 12:30; however, even if one can stay for 2-3 hours it would be of great help, especially in the mornings when we have the most participants.

We need people for setting up the course and finish line. We need marshals especially around the start/finish area and around the course. With the large number of entries, registration requires to be very efficient and prompt. Verifying all registration information is time consuming and tiring. We need at least 6 to 8 people for the first couple of hours of registration.

If you live in the St. John’s area or visiting and have some time to spare this Saturday or the next two, and would like to give something back to the NLAA, please come and help out.  The following is an outline for our event on this and next two Saturdays:

8:30 Registration desk opens
9:30 Start of first race
12:30 p.m. expected end time of the meet

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

Registration: 6 to 8
Setup (start/finish area/course): 4 to 6
Marshals (course and finish/start area): 10-12 (9:30am to around 12:30 p.m.)
Finish line/chute: 8 to 10 (timing, recording of numbers and keeping runners in order)

Awards: 2-3

Please contact the NLAA office for further information. To volunteer, please sign-up online or contact the office:

George Stanoev
(709) 576-1303