Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Irving Oil Challenge Cup Contest - KidSport NL

KidSport NL has an opportunity to receive a donation from Irving Oil which directly goes back to your organizations through participant registration and/or equipment. By visiting and becoming a fan via Irving Oil’s Facebook page ( , participants are encouraged to vote for their favourite (or home) province. Every entry gives the individual a chance to win an NHL weekend trip to Montreal, as well as vote towards one of the following possible donations (up to a maximum $5000) for their province’s KidSport:

Votes province earns                                     Donation province earns
5,000 or more                                                    $5,000 dollars
3,000-4,999                                                         $2,500
1,000-2,999                                                         $1,000

Individuals can vote once per day so please distribute this to your clubs and associations to help us get to 5000 votes. Feel free to also post the ad (hyperlink ad to your personal and PSO Facebook pages and encourage any of your clubs and associations to do the same. 5000 votes should be easily attainable if everyone takes just a few minutes to post and distribute. 

Your support is greatly appreciated 

TROY CROFT | executive director | T 709.576.4932 | F 709.576.7493 |